It is said that Jesus spoke more about money and possessions than any other subject. He said things like “Make sure your treasure is safe in heaven, where thieves cannot steal it and moths cannot destroy it” and “you can not serve God and money.” One thing for sure, the Bible says that how you use and spend money is an indicator of the state of your heart. “Where your treasure is,” he says, “there is where your heart will be.” At Wilroy Baptist, we believe that God’s desire for each of us is that we steward what he has entrusted to. God is the owner of all things and we are his managers. Our heart’s desire should be to use our resources as He leads. Many folks believe that God expects us to give ten percent of our resources to God and then we are free to use the other ninety as we see fit. We believe that God owns it all and we should seek to manage it all as he directs.

One of his directives to each of us is to support His kingdom’s work with sacrificial giving. We believe that every member of Wilroy Baptist ought to support the work of our church family financially however God directs them. We also believe that giving is an act of personal obedience, and not necessarily an act of corporate worship.