Bible Story Summary

Day 1:
In the beginning God created the world and everything in it, including people. God made people special. He made them able to think and to choose and to love. God loved and cared for the people He had created. (Genesis 1:1–2,26–31; John1:1,14)
Day 2:
Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit God said not to eat. Because of their wrong choice, Adam and Eve had to leave the garden. But God still loved them and took care of them. Adam and Eve were the first people to disobey God, but they were not the last. Everyone who has ever lived has chosen to disobey God—except Jesus. (Genesis 3)
Day 3:
Jesus ate a special supper with His friends. While they ate, Jesus said, “Remember Me, and always think about Me.” God had a special plan for Jesus.
Day 4:
Jesus never did anything wrong. Not even once. After Jesus had died on a cross, His friends placed His body in a tomb. When some women went to the tomb, they met a young man dressed in a white robe. The man said, “You’re looking for Jesus, but He is not here. He is alive again!” (Mark 15:22–16:7)
Day 5:
Jesus helped the disciples catch 153 fish, and then cooked breakfast for His friends. After breakfast, Jesus told Peter to love others and to tell other people about Him. Jesus promised that God would send a special Helper who would always be with and help the disciples. (John 21:1–19; Acts 1:4,8)
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