Tentmakers Mission

Members of Wilroy Baptist Church began going on mission trips under the pastorate of Dave Darbyshire.  All church members were encouraged to go no matter what talents they did or did not have.  Various church members continued to go out on mission trips every year, even after Dave had left the church.  This was done mainly under the leadership of Bill Shepherd.  In time they decided they needed a name.  In thinking of the type of ministry they were doing, the name TENT-MAKERS was decided upon.  Mission trips have been taken to Connecticut, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, as well as to other states.  TENT-MAKERS have also been on mission in some places in Virginia.  All church members are still encouraged to go on mission trips with the TENT-MAKERS.  There is something for everyone to do.  Whether you are good at carpentry, caulking, cooking, cleaning, or anything else, your talents can and will be put to use for the glory of God.  Young or old, you can be a TENT-MAKER!

But why be called TENT-MAKERS you might still be asking yourself?  In Biblical days, tent making was an honorable occupation.  As Paul served as a missionary he traveled and paid his own way to do the work of the Lord.  In Eastern countries, where there was much travel, where there were no inns, and where many were shepherds, such a business might be useful, and a profitable source for making one’s living.  Paul was able to stay with Priscilla and Aquila on his third missionary journey.   Acts 18:3 states, “…and because he was of the same craft, he stayed with them, and worked: for by their occupation they were tent-makers.”  As the members of Wilroy go on mission, they are willing to pay their own way and sometimes stay with members of the church being helped.  In this way, the name TENT-MAKERS seemed most appropriate for the group going out on trips to assist other churches.