All men of the church are members of the Brotherhood and have an opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others.


mensThe Brotherhood at Wilroy Baptist Church is part of the Baptist Men’s Organization to serve the members of the church as well at the community. Our regular meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00PM.

Our mission statement is, “Men reaching out for God. Our focus is missions.” We feel that this describes our obedience to God’s command to care for those who are in need.

Besides our regular meetings we serve at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen once a year, participate in Baptist Men’s Day in January, help with the AWANA Grand Prix in the spring and various other AWANA events throughout the year.

ALL MEN of the church are part of this group. We help widows, single household families, as well as elderly church members with repairs and/or cleanup projects. This service is especially for those members of the church who have no family to help take care of these needs, but can be and has been extended to other church members under special circumstances. There is a form to be filled out to let someone in the Brotherhood know if there is a need for any type of assistance. We also help with repair and cleanup projects around the church.

Brotherhood—Men reaching out for God. Our focus is missions.

Got an Idea how to help spread the Gospel and help others at the same time?

The Brotherhood is still looking for ideas on how to raise attendance at our meetings and on getting some of our younger generation involved in this ministry.  We are asking all of you young fellows for your input.

Have a Need? Need some help?

Please let someone from the Brotherhood know if you are in need of any household repairs or cleanup projects. Fill out a form for the Brotherhood to review and see how they can assist you. This is especially for widows and elderly couples, but can be extended to other church members under special circumstances